A decentralised finance NFT with continuous 500% returns.


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DiFi Nft

Minting cost will be invested into two high return matrix blocks.

The first plan give 500% return when you invite three members and they invite other three. Second plan give 300% return when you invite 2 members. And these cycle continiues.

Auto Re-investment

When a cycle completes, new nodes will be added automatically which benefits auto growth of every account.

Blockchain Secured Algorithm

Once the smart contract is hosted, even the authors can't change the algorithm or transactions.

100% Safe, No Risk

Transparency of public code secured by smart contact technology assures your safety

Invite Just One User & You Are Breakeven!

First networking platform which you get 100% of your investment from your first referral. All you need is to do is to invite 3 members and the rest is automatic which yield you 500% returns. Once a cycle is completed, it will auto renew from your profits for your next cycle. And this continues.

A combined program suited for those who prefer to develop on their own and those who want to build an empire from your indirect as spillovers.

  1. NFT in your Wallet
  2. Flexible Tiers
  3. Auto Recycling
  4. Guaranteed Distribution

Join our discord and earn additional incentives

We contuct frequent contents which you can earn additional income by participating. From target based tasks to fun games.

Our intuitive community also help to educate members and to grow.

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Nodes are Resellable

A Sellable Nodes that can transfer future earning to new owner. Its just like selling a running business.